Dear all,

I have had the pleasure to be a speaker at the EB-5 & Uglobal Immigration Expo in Seoul (South Korea) on September 12th, 2018.  I always appreciate meeting colleagues and other stakeholders because I believe that the way we communicate with each other ultimately determines the quality of our business, and that understanding our customers’ needs is key to a successful collaboration.  I had the pleasure to discuss with other panelists the news concerning the EB5 September deadline, alternative Citizenship by Invesment programs, as well as -of course – QIIP (Quebec Immigrant Investor Program).

Relocating to another country is never an easy thing. Our clients need to be aware of and understand alternative programs before making such an important decision for themselves and for their family. In addition, since Immigration by Investment is constantly changing, it is our duty as industry leaders to share our knowledge so all of us can always better inform our clients and guide them properly with the most updated information on global immigration options. At JTH, we help tailor the process to our customer’s needs.

I am now back at my desk in Montreal Canada, and the next stop for me would be in October 2018 in Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. If you are currently in the process of or interested in immigrating to Canada or US by investment and would like to meet me in any of these countries, please let me know.  Feel welcome to send us a message for an appointment or fill our <free evaluation> form at

– Julien Tétrault, President.