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Public Hearings on Investor Program

On August 12, 2019, the Quebec Committee on Citizen Relations began a public consultation on Quebec Immigration planning for the 2020-2022 period, on the basis of the document tabled by the MIDI. An English version of the document can be found on the  Commission web site: http://www.assnat.qc.ca/en/travaux-parlementaires/commissions/CRC/consultations/consultation-555-20190607.html


If you want to follow the proceedings live, go to http://www.assnat.qc.ca/en/travaux-parlementaires/commissions/crc/mandats/Mandat-41313/index.html and click on the link “Live on the Web” right above the name of the Committee.  You can access the written version of the proceedings on the same page.


Among other subjects his Committee will study the Quebec Investor Program. A study has been undertaken by a group of five financial intermediaries:  National Bank Financial, Industrial Alliance, Auray Capital, Capital Sherbrooke Street and Renaissance Capital.  The conclusions of the study of the economic impacts of the Program, in particular for Quebec businesses and taxpayers were submitted to the Committee last June and presented orally to the Commission by three representatives of the sponsors of the study on August 13, 2-19. These conclusions highlight the significant benefits for small and medium business in Quebec regions as well as the economic and fiscal impact of the Program in Quebec.


We’ll keep you informed of any development…..

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