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The leader of the Liberal party Justin Trudeau holds on to the government but without the majority he previously held. The Liberals will need the supports of the other parties to govern.  This is not unusual in Canada and does not necessarily mean that we will have to go back to the polls in the near future.

Some electoral promises were related to immigration, such as the following:

  • Increase the number of newcomers to 400 000 by 2021;
  • Create a Municipal Nominee Program aimed at allowing smaller towns and municipalities to attract immigrants to meet their particular needs;
  • Eliminate the citizenship fee;
  • Make the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program permanent. This program allows employers in the Atlantic provinces to hire foreign workers who wish to settle there as well as foreign students wishing to stay after graduation.

Although we know have a minority government, it should be able to go ahead with these promises that are not controversial. However, the promise to “modernize” the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) between Canada and the United States may be more difficult to keep given the opposition of both the NDP and the Bloc Québécois.

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