The MIDI has changed its name to emphasize its objective to give every new immigrant the opportunity to learn French, Quebec’ s official language.

To this end, free French courses are offered to new immigrants, 16 years and older, whether in a classroom or on line; full or part-time; general or specialized by field of employment. Fields offered are health, nursing care, engineering and applied sciences, administration, law and business.

On-line courses are designed to assist people with some knowledge of French improve their ability at their own pace.

This is not a new offer but it has been improved to include more people and the related financial assistance has been increased.

Anyone taking a classroom French course is entitled to financial assistance (15 CAD a day for part-time courses and 185 CAD a week for full-time courses), as well as child care allowance.

You are eligible even if you have been living in Quebec for a while. Full-time French courses with financial assistance are now offered to anyone holding an immigration status, regardless of how long they have lived in Québec whereas before only immigrants living in Québec for less than five years were eligible.

This is a great opportunity to add a new language to your resume! If you, your friends or relatives are already in Quebec, or if you have completed the immigration process and are about to land, we encourage you to visit the MIFI web page to register: