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JTH lawyers Inc. is a specialized immigration law firm assisting Business Investors and Entrepreneurs around the world in obtaining Permanent Residence in North America.

Since 2002, our dedicated lawyers have been assisting over 1,000 immigrant families from over 70 countries in obtaining their Permanent Residence in North America by passive investment.

Our lawyers are specialized in various areas of Immigration Programs such as: 

* Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) and Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program leading to Permanent Residence in Canada, pathway towards Canada citizenship;

* US EB5 (Employment-Based No.5) for Immigration to USA by investment (Passive investment leading to permanent green card, pathway towards USA citizenship);

* Citizenship by investment Program in Antigua and Barbuda (CIP Antigua Passport Program);

JTH lawyers has earned its reputation and respect by providing foreign investors and entrepreneurs’ tailor-made services that would optimize their chance of success en route to become Canadian Permanent Residents, US green card holders, and Antigua & Barbuda citizens.


 A word from our President Julien Tétrault:
“High net-worth Individuals (HNWI), Businessmen and Businesswomen live in a world without borders.  As such, high net-worth Investors, Entrepreneurs CEOs, Managers, VIP, etc. are often looking for a passport that will allow them to travel freely, a safe harbor for themselves and their family, and an economic and legal environment that will allow them to strive, develop their business with as little boundaries as possible. But most importantly, since children are the most important investment one can make, high net worth parents see the value of offering a brighter future and endless possibilities to their children. To our clients, we offer North America. Our motto is: understanding your needs, then providing result-oriented tailor-made immigration solutions. Make your dream come true, contact us and let’s see how we could help achieve your goals” 
*** Beware of unregistered so-called immigration specialists. To immigrate to Canada destined to the province of Quebec, it is mandatory to be either:

– a lawyer who is member of the Barreau du Quebec (or to have a special authorization from the Barreau)

a notary who is member of the Chambre des notaires du Québec (or to have a special authorization from the Chambre)

– an immigration consultant registered in Quebec, with place of business in Quebec and fluent in French.

Our boutique law firm is – to our knowledge – the only independent law firm in Quebec to specialize in business immigration by investment. Since immigration is most often a process done once in a lifetime, it is best to exercise caution and to make sure that your immigration representative is competent.